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Travel-insurance expert recommends you prepare now for holiday travel

Expect holiday travel delays
Posted at 4:23 PM, Nov 01, 2021

Over the weekend, about 1,900 flights were canceled within four days as American Airlines dealt with weather issues and staffing shortages. Some people flying back in to town Monday said they are not too worried about their flight being canceled or delayed come the holiday season.

"It's a little worrying; I don't want to miss my classes, my exams," said Raul Recendiz, who was traveling into Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi International Airport Deputy Airport Director Tyler Miller said they are seeing more and more people taking to the skies to travel compared to last year.

Airports weren't immune to the nationwide labor shortage, and the TSA set a Nov. 24 deadline for employees to be vaccinated. Thousands of employees were unable to work because they didn't get their dose, or didn't pass a COVID-19 test, and that could mean that many travelers will be spending the holiday trying to get to their destination in vain.

Travel experts fear all this can factor into further delays during an already busy holiday season.

"We do ask and recommend that you do plan ahead, that you come out to the airport with plenty of time to get through TSA security screening, find your gate and relax," Miller said.

Travel experts said that those planning to fly for Thanksgiving should plan ahead and prepare for long lines, as airlines are short-staffed.

"It's very much recommended this holiday season — and as we are moving forward as we deal with this pandemic, and try to get back to a new normal — is insurance, both trip protection and travel, medical," said Goose Insurance co-founder Omar Kaywan, who deals in travel insurance.

Insuring your travel plans could save you thousands of dollars in hotel, rental car, and food bills if your plans are forced to change last minute, he said.