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Three local women entrepreneurs share their stories of success on International Women's Day

Rhonni DuBose of Tea and Strumpets
Posted at 5:29 AM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 07:31:18-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — March 8 is International Women’s Day, where we celebrate the achievements of women and girls around the world and here in the Coastal Bend.

First, the women who clothes us. Elena Flores describes herself as a wife, a pitbull mom, cat mom and a Latina.
She is also an entrepreneur. Her business Sew Bonita offers bright, bold, beautiful items; some hand-crafted.

“I have to iron fabric, cut fabric, sew fabric, pin it,” said Flores.

This takes time and patience, something Flores says she does to remember her culture.

“I create things that resonate with Mexican-American culture and growing up on the border of Texas,” she said.

A self-taught sewer Flores works full-time.

“I want to create all the time and I can’t, and so finding the time to do so is something do so is something I still struggle with,” said Flores.

Flores says in the past, she didn’t have a voice, but that has changed and now she wants to inspire more women entrepreneurs.

“You guys are the next generation to take over and change the world and we are here for it,” said Flores. “We are here to support you, there are seats at this table.”

To take a look at Sew Bonita's merchandise visit,

Next, the one who inspires imagination. Rhonni DuBose’s latest endeavor is Tea and Strumpets, described as a line of premium teas inspired by trailblazing women, but she got started in a much different field.

“I do buildings codes in five different regions,” said DuBose. “I’ve helped design parks themselves.”

After working as a partner in the theme park community circuit, DuBose says she made a decision to do more and bought small businesses within the parks.

“I’ve been on different shapes of a circuit of Renaissance festival and music festival for these 30 years," said DuBose.

She says the idea for Tea and Strumpets came from an experience rather than the product.

"10-year-old girl having tea, and as you pan out you would see that she is having tea with a character from history,” she said.

The tea itself is a collaboration between DuBose and a group of friends, something she says can create the best inspiration.

“One of us gets an idea, or we’ll say 'oh we need more herbals'.”

Aside from interactive events, another option can be having tea delivered by mail. Visit trftea.comfor more information.

Finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed, where do you turn?

To the one who heals us. Jonda Watson practices reiki, a form of energy healing created almost 100 years ago by a Japanese doctor.

“I now do like empowerment consciousness coaching and a thing called symphony of possibilities,” said Watson.

She founded her company Luminous Blessings four years ago.

“I had just gotten divorced, and I was invited to a friend's house for a reiki healing trade.”

Watson says this form of holistic healing can be inspirational.

“Coming together sharing their stories and looking for possibilities and the taking those home and sharing them with their partners, their children and their other friends,” she said.

Watson's sessions are available in-person as well as through distance services available through Zoom. To schedule an appointment visit,