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The Super Bowl halftime show, but with memes

50 Cent at Super Bowl Halftime Show
Posted at 4:32 PM, Feb 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-14 17:39:24-05

There are plenty of reasons to tune in to Super Bowl Sunday, but while the game and the halftime show draw the most eyes, it's the opportunity for memes that actually reels in the viewing audience... or so we like to think.

That being said, social media did NOT disappoint, and luckily there was enough meme-able content on-screen during the Super Bowl LVI halftime show, that allowed for us to laugh about it all.

There was not a single thing during this game that made for better meme moments, than a halftime show loaded with talent and highlighted by artists who put the BACK in throwback.

If you felt young again during the halftime performance, get ready to feel your knees pop, with these memes about your excitement:

Now, what about the performers? Eh, even if you've already seen the memes, you know you'll love 'em a second time. We start with the queen, Mary J. Blige:

And everybody's favorite meme-worthy surprise of the night, 50 Cent... or what everybody else is calling him now. See meme below for reference:

Nobody was safe. Not even Kendrick Lamar. Actually, it was his backup dancers that took the hits from the internet:

And as much as we wish we could share every great meme out there, we're grateful we can share what we can. Football is done for now, and the memes from the halftime show signify the wait until next season.

Let's all hope we get as much material next year, as we did this year. My vote, would be more hip-hop, but I'm good with anything as long as we can meme it.

Here's to next year's Super Bowl in Arizona!