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The Buc Days carnival offers a variety of foods to eat

Food prices varies from $3 to $12
Funnel cake
Posted at 1:17 AM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-06 13:17:06-04

COPRUS CHRISTI, Texas — At the Buc Days carnival the first thing you see and smell is the food, from fruit cups to the meaty turkey legs there is something for everyone.

“I definitely like the funnel cakes here but also I like the Mexican elote stand they have over here,” says Corpus Christi resident, Kevin Araiza.

There are 7 different food stands to choose from the traditional and not-so traditional.

“This is the best thing at Buc Days this year, its chicken on the stick and they dip it in ranch and then red hot Cheetos. It is absolutely amazing! A must try,” says Buc Days Representative, Debraun West.

Blake and Eva concessions say they are happy to be back at the carnival after last years cancellations because of the pandemic.

“Everybody is excited you know getting back to regular life,” says Eva Bishop.

A classic carnival food, the funnel cake is also available.

“Other than a corn dog I would say its favorite at the fair and there’s nothing better than fried dough and powered sugar,” says West.

“What is your favorite thing to eat at the carnival?” “Its the funnel cake, the funnel cake is just so good,” says Corpus Christi resident, Benito Cantu.

Food prices this year will set you back anywhere from $3 to $12.

“This year the food is cash or credit card, and to get into Buc Days they buy a ticket out front then come in the gates and have some fun,” says West.