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Mosquitoes are back, sucking the fun out of being outside

Posted at 5:26 PM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-17 21:38:16-04

The recent heavy rains definitely helped with the area's drought condition.

It also helped to bring back those pesky mosquitoes.

How do you keep the insects at bay while staying safe?

Corpus Christi resident Tyron Shaw is like most in the Coastal Bend — just trying to steer clear from mosquitoes.

He spends his time fishing and relaxing at the Corpus Christi Marina, but it hasn't been catch-and-release these days.

He's proof that folks heading outdoors are dogging more than just UV rays.

"I came over here yesterday to fish a little bit and hang out," he said. "I went to the bathroom and I got swarmed by mosquitoes."

With South Texas under drought conditions, it left very few places for mosquitoes to hatch and grow. According to NBC News, the drought has led a large number laying dormant.

The recent rains changed that.

"During the day they aren't as bad unless you're sweating real bad," he said. "But at night, that's when they are worse."

Fox Pest Control's Jordan Pentecost said mosquitos can hatch within a couple of days.

"We're in the Coastal Bend area, where we have inlet water sources," he said. "Where we have stagnant water all the time."

He said there are things you can do yourself in and around your home to help avoid mosquitoes.

"Keep your grass cut to a minimal level," he said. "Make sure you're dumping out any old tires, birdbaths, and drain unused swimming pools. That can help out quite a bit."

If you are going to be outside for an extended period of time, be sure to wear long sleeves and pants. And make sure you pack the insect repellent.

And if all else fails Shaw says, to just stay indoors.