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South Texas emergency crews unique training experience to help remote counties

Posted at 6:40 PM, Feb 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-07 21:24:28-05

REALITOS, Texas — Doctors from UTHealth Houston were flown out to Realitos to show emergency crews in south Texas the newest life-saving techniques with the latest technology.

They used a Simbulance, which is a simulated ambulance or high-fidelity mobile simulation training unit. UTHealth Houston received a $500,000 donation from the Wyatt Ranches Foundation, and with the money the built the Simbulance.

"This is a project that's actually been underway for over two years with a partnership with Wyatt Ranches who made a very generous gift," said Dr. Ben Bobrow, the Chairman of Emergency Medicine for UT Health Houston,

"As part of our partnership, we specifically asked UTHealth to come to south Texas," said Billy Wells, the President of Wyatt Ranches Foundation. "We want to do anything we can do to make these individuals, give them the training to assist them to do a better job. It helps all of us."

During Tuesday's training at Wyatt Ranches, EMT's and paramedics took part in real-world life-and-death scenarios, using interactive mannequins.

Juan Garcia, the District Chief for Duval ESD 2 said, "The mannequins in the truck are life-like. They give you a pulse, their pupils react like a normal human would. And that's a training you don't see every day."

UTHealth is providing training throughout Texas. The UTHealth chairman said experiences like Tuesday's training is vital for EMT crews.

"It's important everywhere, but especially down in South Texas, where transport times could be very long, 14, 30, 45 or even an hour before you can get to the hospital. So, the EMS rescuers in this region really are the emergency departments." said Dr Bobrow