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Some Corpus Christi residents still without water, in need of assistance

Westside residents struggle to find water
Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 19:53:55-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It has been weeks since the historic deep freeze hit the Coastal Bend and there are still folks in the community struggling to find water.

“It’s sad you know, it’s sad but we can’t do nothing about it,” said one resident.

Tenants over on Omaha Drive say it’s a struggle to find water.

“It’s pretty difficult, we’re living like we’re in the 1800’s,” said resident Allen Henderson.

Henderson has been a renter for the past six months and hopes to see his water have the much-needed repairs taken care of soon.

“We’re having to boil our water, of course, we have to use buckets to flush the toilets. Hopefully the owner of the apartments will get on it and get it done pretty quick,” said Henderson.

Property manager Allen Rasmussen says he and his crew have been working very hard trying to fix the plumbing, yet the necessary pipes and fittings are too hard to come by for purchase.

“That’s the biggest thing it’s not the manpower issue, you can’t get the parts to fix if you can’t get the parts you can’t turn the water back on,” said Rasmussen.

Site managers say help is well needed. Plumbers and water donations would also help the residents.

“They’re going to their neighbors is what they’re doing, we also have two vacant apartments here and we’ve allowed, told them that they can have access to take showers to come use the bathroom or to come get water in a bucket and put it in the toilet, that type of stuff,” said Rasmussen.

“It’s hard but you know you gotta cope with it, there’s nothing they can do, they’re trying,” said a resident.