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Sinton rescue group looks to help round up loose dogs after shelter fire

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Posted at 6:35 PM, Mar 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-23 20:05:05-04

SINTON, Texas — It was a very tragic and heartbreaking situation for area animal lovers in San Patricio to witness: A local property used to rescue and rehabilitate animals in the area is now reduced to charred remains after a massive fire.

While many of these animals died on the scene, others escaped and are on the loose.

Sinton Animal Friends' Amy Howington was able to help, clearing space at the Taft Animal Control so many more affected animals can come in.

Howington said making these adjustments can come with its challenges, but they are still here to assist.

“We like to have a foster home lined up and ready to go, basic stats on the dog, a personality baseline," she said. "Doing it this way where everything is very frantic is a little more stressful, but yeah, we’re going to help."

San Patricio County fire marshals confirmed a total of 14 dogs died on the property, located on County Road 1344. Emergency crews said their goal is to bring the ones who escaped back.

However, that’s not always so easy.

“Several of those dogs were feral dogs which were wild, running-free dogs, so it makes it more difficult to capture them because, obviously, they have a tendency to shy away from the general public,” said San Patricio Co. Fire Marshal Steven Loving.

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The Sinton Animal Friends rescue group has a few tips for folks who spot a loose dog: First, try to see if the animal is approachable and give it a treat. Then call animal control or a nearby rescue group for help.

“We are working with the property owners and neighbors to capture those animals back to make sure they're safe as well,” Loving said.

Sinton Animal Friends said help would be greatly appreciated.

“Donations, here for the Taft shelter, which is where dogs will be housed until we can find foster homes people who would like to open up their homes for a few weeks for a dog would be awesome,” Howington said.

To see how you can help the rescue group click here.