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Salvation Army prepares to open new building

Center of Hope
Posted at 9:34 PM, Apr 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-16 22:34:49-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It'll soon be a new beginning for the Salvation Army here in Corpus Christi.

In the next two to three weeks they will be officially moving into their new facility. It will be located in the 1800 block of Buford.

It has taken over a year-and-a-half to get this new building constructed. A hurricane and some budget issues caused a delay. As you can imagine, officials with the Salvation Army are excited about
the new building and service it can provide for our area homeless.

The facility will have 132 beds. But when the weather turns cold 40 cots can be added to expand the occupancy of the building.

The Salvation Army still needs help paying off the mortgage on this new property. If you would like to make a contribution, click here.