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Rotary Club looking to build a sense of community on the island through a library

Survey from local rotary club is calling for a library
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Posted at 9:10 PM, Jun 20, 2022

The 'Rotary Satellite Club of Corpus Christi Evening Flour Bluff/Padre Island' is looking to build a sense of community on the island, through a library.

"A community without a library is a community without a soul," said Kiersten Cox who wants to see a library on the island.

Cox said a library is not only a place where people can learn and gain information.

But it's also a place that gives people a place to gather, a place to sit down and talk, and a place for community activity.

The idea came from the Flour Bluff and Padre Island Rotary Club whose main goal is to make a difference in their community.

Ron Little who is chair of the club said it was shocking to know the island didn't have a library.

"Most of us, mainly myself, was shocked to have schools here on the island that didn't have a library. And that was an immediate attention that we just took off with," said Little.

Heather Stark, Vice-Chair of Flour Bluff and Padre Island Rotary club said there's a survey for island residents to fill out.

After they have enough people fill out the survey they would take it to Corpus Christi Library and go from there.

"So we want to look at that data and then what services they are looking for," said Stark.

Stark told us of the responses so far, 91 percent say they would go to a library if it were more convenient.

"But the idea of going over a bridge with your young kids isn't always to return a book, or to go to a family event, that's a big thing," said Stark.

This is because there's no library on the island, residents either have to go to the Janet Harte Public library in Flour Bluff, the Ellis memorial library, or a public library in Corpus Christi.

Stark said until they can get the ball rolling on bringing a Library to the island, the Corpus Christi public library has started a pop-up library every other Wednesday for the summer.

"They've got these books on carts and they are sitting out there for three hours during the summer and people come by and they look through and they'll check out their books and return them two weeks later," said Stark.

She added that they are looking to host the next pop-up library inside due to the hot weather.

The next pop-up library is this Wednesday starting from 3-6 p.m. in the parking lot at Saint Andrews by the sea.

If you are an island resident and want to fill out the survey, click here.