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Local public school partners with Del Mar College to train students for future careers

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Posted at 12:05 PM, Feb 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-14 18:11:58-05

Richard Milburn Academy public school Corpus Christi has announced their partnership with Del Mar College promoting career and technology training for their enrolled students.

Career and technology training education prepares students for higher education after high school and their future careers. Elizabeth Hanna is the Principal at RMA said because they are close to Del Mar College, students can walk right over.

“We know the importance of preparing our students for their careers and for college and for whatever may come for them after they graduate from here," said Principal Hanna.

Angel Thomas is a senior at RMA and is in the program said she wants to become a certified nursing assistant. “It’s something that someone is going to need every time. Like when people get older they need people to take care of them or even people who are young and disabled they need people to take care of them," said Thomas.

Senior Emily Analiscano at RMA said she wants to be a NICU nurse. “I just think it is cool to see the little babies grow and help them grow," said Analiscano.

The program started this year with a group of seniors. Students said being in the program is challenging at first because you are taking harder classes.

“So as you work your way into it. It gets way way easier. You get to understand this is what college is and this is what’s expected and you are already ready for it once we graduate," said Thomas.

“Going into it was its very, you learn a lot it’s very, it’s cool I think it’s cool how you learn about the heart, and everything that goes into it. The hands on learning is just cool," said Thomas.

Principal Hannah said right now students are taking the EKG and phlebotomy certification.

“Starting next spring we are hoping to offer welding, cosmetology along with the medical certifications as well," said Principal Hanna.

Principal Hanna said in the future they are looking to add juniors to the program as well.

If you are interested in the certification program with RMA public schools Corpus Christi, CLICK HERE.