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Rep. Abel Herrero turns to attorney general for answers on 361 Grant program

Abel Herrero on 361 Grant program
Posted at 9:17 PM, Oct 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-06 00:38:14-04

More complaints have come into our newsroom about the 361 Grant program. Concerns are also being heard by state politicians.

“If it just seems too good to be true in all likelihood it probably would be. As it seems it is in this case,” State Rep. Abel Herrero said.

The representative of District 34 said his office has begun to get calls and texts asking about the legitimacy of 361 Grant program.

There’s been so many concerns, he said they’ve launched an inquiry with the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

“Grant application init of itself would not charge you to apply," said Herrero. "So, be weary. It’s appalling to think that someone would pray upon those individuals, especially some with fixed income.”

Herrero’s Office received a copy of the award letters going out to some people. What happens is the program asks for a $150 fee and they said they will submit applications for grants in your name. Herrero said there’s too many red flags to ignore from the logo in the header to the document not having a signature at the bottom.

“The letter indicated that people were awarded the monies, but the actual receipt of the money was contingent upon the funds being available, which is not how grants work. Grants are, the monies are available and it’s a matter of you applying. With no fee associated.”

We have now received concerns from people in Robstown, as has Herrero’s Office. Both Robstown Police and Corpus Christi Police have issued warnings about grant scams on their Facebook pages.

On top of that Corpus Christi Police confirm two people have made a report regarding the 361 Grant program.

“Individuals that are praying upon individuals to the extent that they feel it’s working, are not going to limit themselves to any certain geographical area,” Herrero said.

Herrero has shared law enforcement’s posts on his Facebook page. He said his office was contacted by someone who said they were with the 361 Grant program. That person asked for the post to be taken down. Herrero refused.

Herrero has encouraged people who have encountered the 361 Grant program to report it to the attorney general's office, your local police department and the Better Business Bureau. He plans to post steps to take on his Facebook page for those that need the help.

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