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Rainbow Room creates Easter baskets for foster-care children

Volunteers with the Rainbow Room create Easter baskets for children in foster care
Posted at 6:35 PM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 19:38:15-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Can you believe that Easter is just a couple of weeks away? For the special day, Rainbow Room volunteers were spotted making 100 baskets for children of all ages in the foster-care system so they won’t feel left out.

“Thinking about their faces when we give them out to them; I mean, it feels good,” said volunteer Barbara Lopez.

This was Lopez's first time volunteering with the Rainbow Room, a non-profit organization that has helped many children of all ages in foster care.

“It’s awesome, I mean what this organization is doing, I like it. I love it,” she said.

Rainbow Room President Norma Pineda said the group has partnered with the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services for 20 years helping not only the children, but also their caseworkers.

“Overall this is a great experience, not only for the children, but for the workers because they don’t have to worry about going out and trying to find baskets but for us," she said. "As a Rainbow Room group, we enjoy doing it every year.”

The organization said it has more than 400 children it looks after in Nueces county, and the Rainbow Room has always made great strides to provide children with joy even through an ongoing pandemic.

“They have provided everything, as normal as it could be given," Cavazos said. "(At) Valentine's, the workers were out there giving them little goodie bags, now Easter. This organization has stepped up once again.”

Volunteers with the Rainbow Room say they are looking for more volunteers to join their team, to see how you can join click here.

“They’re always, always working hard behind the scenes to be able to provide for these children,” says CPS Foster Adopt Supervisor Rebecca Cavazos.