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Proposed Texas Bill would expand Medicaid coverage for new moms

Posted at 5:26 PM, May 22, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Being a new mom comes with many challenges.

Texas lawmakers are pushing to reduce those challenges with a new law that would expand Medicaid coverage for up to 12 months for new moms.

Under current state law, new moms on Medicaid receive two months of post-partum health care.

"Often times that recovery period for a mom is going to be a little longer. Eight weeks out from the birth of a child, they're still considering if they are experiencing any post-partum depression, or if they're experiencing any other physical health concerns," Deputy Director of The Purple Door Kellie Addison said.

Addison dedicates her time to helping women who suffer from abuse, including those who have just given birth. She says an extra ten months of coverage makes a difference.

"They can be okay now, but what happens after the third, fourth, and sixth months out after the birth of a child? There's so much that the mom is learning about herself, like how her body is responding after birth and the other stress that comes after having a child."If we can make sure mom is healthy, then there will be an opportunity for the baby to be healthy," Addison said.

Initially, the Texas House voted on a bill that would start the extended coverage on the last day of the Medicaid recipient's pregnancy.

However, when the bill reached the Senate, senate lawmakers added a last-minute change. That change stated that women who terminated their pregnancy would not be eligible for extended medical coverage.

The new proposal is heading back to the House for a vote soon.

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