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Parents flood CCISD meeting pleading for help against bullying

Concerned family members said CCISD's zero-tolerance policy isn't working
Posted at 10:01 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 18:00:39-05

Dozens of parents showed up at Monday's CCISD school board meeting with one message: Enough is enough.

KRIS 6 News told you the story of one elementary school student Wednesday, whose mother said he lost part of his finger because of bullying. But the parents who packed the house at the CCISD administration building Monday told the board Jordan Mejares' experience isn't an isolated one.

Parents create Facebook page to try and effect change against CCISD bullying.

"My son was bullied to the max where he wanted to kill himself," said Sabrina Lamb, who said her son was threated with a gun on school grounds, during school hours.

Lamb said when she went to her son's school's administration, her concerns went unacknowledged.

"He was threatened to be killed at school," she said. "When I addressed the school about it they said the boy was apprehended; but he never was."

One-by-one, parents took to the podium to speak directly to board members, and in each instance, their stories had a common thread -- not one of their situations were taken seriously, and the bully was never punished.

"She told the principal over and over about her condition of being bullied," one grandfather said. "She got beat up in front of the school teacher, and a month-and-a-half later, she was threatened so bad she almost killed herself."

In a school district that touts zero tolerance, parents want more to be done, and some urgency when any CCISD child is bullied.

"Everything went wrong," said Krystal Gluth, who said her son lost his fingertip to bullying. "From communication to my son having to find the nurses office by himself to nobody hearing him out."

Board members heard similar pleas from a number of parents.

"People who sit in silence are just as guilty as those doing the bullying,” one parent said.

The district released the following statement about bullying:

"CCISD agrees that bullying is a serious matter. We want to assure the community that we investigate all allegations of bullying. While we cannot publicly discuss specific cases, we address each situation and will continue to work to create safe, inviting environments on all campuses. We encourage anyone with specific information about suspected bullying to immediately contact school officials and/or file a report using our online system."