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Parent raises concerns over audio captured in classroom

Parent raises concerns over audio captured in classroom
Posted at 10:53 PM, Mar 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-14 13:45:29-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The mother of a Hamlin Middle School student has retained the services of a local attorney. She says her son was unjustly suspended, and she says she has proof.

It all started with a backpack search conducted at the school. Officials were looking for contraband. Eventually, a vape pen was found behind a cabinet in a classroom. It turns out, during this moment in the classroom, a student's cell phone was recording audio.

In that recording, one of the school's assistant principals can be heard telling the officer to place that vape pen in a student's bag. That student was then questioned by school officials and eventually suspended.

The mother of that student confronted the assistant principal. Here is some of the exchange the mother recorded. We are withholding the name of the student and assistant principal at the center of this story.

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: It was a tactic to get them to tell us who was hiding the vapes in our classroom. and so when he admitted to being a part of it...

MOM: He didn't say he admitted to being a part of it.

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: In the seeing it and kicking it and all of that...

MOM: That's not being a part of it. The boy threw it under the table. It landed by his foot. The boy said, "Can you hide it?" He said "No". The boy picked it up and threw it in the cabinet behind where (blank) was sitting. Where I'm assuming that's where the officer found it. Because he said will (blank) was sitting back here. And I don't care tactic, or not tactic you could have told me that. You didn't have to tell him that. But you could have told me, "Hey, you know what we said we found it in his backpack, but it's just a tactic to see if he is going to tell the truth." But that's not what you told me.

We did reach out to the CCISD for comment. They released the following statement:

While we cannot share details of personnel actions or investigations –nor can we discuss parent meetings – we can confirm one employee is on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is finalized, as is standard practice, and one employee is no longer with the district.

Corpus Christi ISD does not support nor tolerate such alleged behavior on any school or district property. We commend school administration for taking swift action to launch an investigation into these serious allegations.

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