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Ninja Bar Wings & Seafood restaurant closing its doors

Rising food prices and inflation causing Ninja Bar to close
Posted at 10:14 AM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-23 11:14:57-04

Restaurants are still trying to recover from the pandemic and with food prices increasing, its causing local restaurants to have to close their doors.

Melissa, owner of Ninja Bar Wings and Seafood, said when they opened their doors in September of 2021, things were going great. Now with inflation, the increase cost of seafood, they are having to close their doors.

“That time, the wing price is high, everything is high, coconut milk that we use,” said Melissa.

Along with increase in ingredients, Melissa said the cost of operations is a challenge.

“If we want to keep everyone here, we also have to have competitive pay," said Melissa.

This was Traci Burke’s first time at the restaurant and she was shocked and sad to hear the news of them closing their doors.

“You know the local businesses should be able to thrive and grow and this should not be an issue for them," said Burke.

For Melissa, she said she’s grateful for her kitchen staff sticking around until the end.

“One thing that is like heartbreaking for me, to tell them like that you know, let them go. it’s very difficult but they, they understand. Like first when I told them, he told me right away like don’t worry, we will be here until the last day," said Melissa.

Melissa said they plan to open a dessert bar in the future.

The last day for Ninja Bar is Sunday June 26, 2022.

Doors will open at 12: 00 p.m. and close at 10 : 00 p.m.