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NAACP addresses Woodsboro ISD school board after black teen is reportedly attacked

Posted at 10:48 PM, Nov 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-15 23:48:12-05

NAACP-Corpus Christi President Jeremy Lane Coleman attended the Woodsboro ISD school board meeting Monday after the tasing of a black teenager reportedly took place in Woodsboro over the Halloween weekend.

The alleged incident became widespread knowledge just last week, rocking this small community.

Coleman, who was joined by other local NAACP executive officers, said his appearance at Monday’s meeting was to 100 percent let the community know, as well the Woodsboro administration and school board, that the civil rights group is monitoring their actions when it comes to this situation.

Coleman said hate or bullying -- if targeted toward African Americans, or anyone whose human rights are violated -- is a serious offense. He said that if this incident did indeed happen, the NAACP wants to avoid a similar incident.

"We want to apply to student code of conduct and also educate their students on the situation so that this is not a repeat, that was one of my main goals when addressing the school board," he said.

Woodsboro ISD issued a statement in connection to the case last week, saying it is aware of the allegations but cannot take any action since the incident reportedly took place off campus.