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Movie goers paying more for new DBOX seats at Century 16

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Posted at 5:45 AM, Feb 21, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — You might have seen an increase in movie tickets when picking your seats at Century 16 XD and IMAX theater in town.

If you’ve noticed some ticket prices are between $21 - $24 per seat, that’s because you are picking their new DBOX seats.

Three auditoriums have the DBOX seats, which were installed in 2023.

Julia McCartha, the Cinemark Public Relations, said they installed the DBOX seats to enhance the movie experience for guests. She said although the seats cost around $8 more than a non-DBOX seat, there has been a great demand for people booking for them.

The seat comes with a remote and lets you choose the level of intensity the seat moves.

She told us now that people are coming back to the movies since the pandemic; she said moviegoers are looking forward to a premium experience.

“With the really strong films slated to come out this year, plus consumers coming back post-pandemic, are really craving those premium seats,” McCartha said.

Tripp Valadez loves to see movies and said this past weekend was his first time sitting in the seats. He did mention the ticket was pricey but did not mind spending the money for a great movie experience.

“It felt like I was in the movie basically. I felt like I could feel the punches during the movie and like the flying intersecting,” Valadez said.

Tripp said even though he felt a little motion sickness, he still enjoyed his movie.

McCartha said with these additions, they now have DBOX chairs in around 300 of our auditoriums nationwide.