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Mary Grett Center looking for partnerships with local firms

Tracy Cassidy
Posted at 11:34 AM, Mar 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-05 12:34:29-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A CCISD transition school is helping students with disabilities get part-time jobs.

The Mary Grett Transition Center currently is looking for local businesses to partner with.

One of the businesses that works with the center is Senor Jaime’s. Students come is as volunteers and work with a job coach. They then have the opportunity for employment.

For the past two years, Senor Jaime's has worked with Mary Grett students and has hired four of them.

Michael Cassidy has been employed with the restaurant for more than a year.

He has autism and is a hard worker at the restaurant.

"Whenever we gave him things to do that didn't require a list, he wasn't quite as good,” restaurant owner James Campbell said. “But anything that we gave him a list, he was the best I ever had."

Cassidy is in charge of the margarita machines, laying out the letters for the marquee and food prep.

"Cut onions, peppers, tomatoes, make french fries,” he said.

Michael's mother, Tracy Cassidy, says the chance Senor Jaime's gave her son changed both of their lives.

"I never thought he'd have a paid job ever,” she said. “I was blown away … it was a miracle. He wants to work seven days a week, he wants more and just wants to work every day. He loves it."

Campbell says Michael has initiative and a memory like no other.

"Sometimes it's easy to say they have special needs, but most of them are more gifted and talented than they are special needs,” Campbell said.

"I love my job,” Michael said.

So far, Mary Grett students work at Peter Piper Pizza, Meals on Wheels and Marshall's just to name a few.

The school is always looking for businesses willing to give their students a chance and hopefully get them hired.

If you're interested in getting on board, check out this website.