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Local vet hosts canned food drive helping hungry families

Will Henderson
Posted at 5:34 AM, Feb 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-01 07:08:27-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Will Henderson remains hard at work, fishing early mornings at Cos-Way Pier trying to feed as many people as possible.

But even those plans for the local veteran has their limitations.

“For me to get to everyone and pick up fish it's going to be hard for me to catch them when they’re coming in off the boats,” he said.

In alliance with the Corpus Christi fishing community and the support of the Food Bank of Corpus Christi, his plan is to find a way to feed more hungry people in the community with a canned food drive.

“Why don’t you just drop off boxes at the bait stands and we can drop off some food to help you out,” Henderson said.

Why does Henderson do this?

He says during the pandemic he’s noticed there are a lot of hungry people. Not only in our community but in surrounding areas. It warms his heart to see how families express their gratitude.

“They go, 'you don’t even know me,' and I say 'I still feed you,' so that's the feeling I get,” Henderson said.

So, he pleads to the people of Corpus Christi, to think of others during this time.

“It takes a family, and it takes a community to get it done,” he said.

“If you just got one can of corn, one can of corn. Someone can open it up and put it in a bowl for a kid.”

The locations to drop off canned foods include: Roy's Bait & Tackle Outfitters, Billings Bait Stand, Fisherman's Bait & Seafood Market. and Castaway's Bait & Tackle.

He will also arrange to pick up canned food if you have it by emailing him at