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Texas Rep. Dist. 34 candidates

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Posted at 11:46 PM, Feb 28, 2022

Editor's note: Democratic candidate Abel Herrero is running unopposed. Candidate Carolyn Vaughn did not return a questionnaire.

James Hernandez

James Hernandez.jpg

What is/was your profession? Are you now retired?

Master Electrician and Small Business Owner.

What relevant experience can you bring to office?

In 2017 when I lost the mayoral race, it was because I did not have the experience in my community nor a relationship with our local civic leaders. Since then I’ve grown in my community by serving on boards, committees and volunteering with many local non profits and business organizations

How have your life experiences prepared you for this position?

Growing up homeless on the Westside of Corpus Christi, I had to work hard for everything. District 34 is a working class community that knows hard work as well. We need leaders in office that can relate to the community.

Which problems would you address on your first day in office?

High lighting small businesses. Especially those effected by the pandemic and natural disasters that we have endured over the years.

What do you see as long-term issues which need to be addressed throughout your time in office?

Economic prosperity in our rural areas of Nueces County. Helping small business get back on their feet and back in business.

What is local government doing well right now that needs to be expanded further?

I am proud to say I have a great relationship with all our city leaders and elected officials in District 34. They are all doing an amazing job getting out in the community and listening to their constituents.

Answers to KRIS 6 News questionnaires were written by the candidates in their own words and received little-to-no editing from KRIS 6 News employees.