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Local business that relies on warm spring break weather is feeling its effects

Posted at 7:44 PM, Mar 17, 2023

CORPUS CHISTI, Texas — The weather was not what spring breakers anticipated. It has been cold and cloudy which did not help outdoor businesses that rely on warm temperatures during spring.

"With the cooler weather we're expecting this weekend, we think our crowds will be lower than normal during this last week of spring break," Michael Womack, executive director of South Texas Botanical Gardens said.

Womack told us that spring break usually sets the tone for the rest of the year. This year's profits are not what they have been.

"Cooler weather may reduce a little bit of our revenues for this spring break. We're hoping that it will have a minimal impact in our overall revenues," he said.

The Botanical Gardens relies on revenues from admissions, gift shop sales and memberships to keep up with daily operations.

The revenues they make during spring break go towards paying their water and electric bills, paying their employees, and upgrading exhibits so there's always something new for guests. The change in temperature this week doesn't just affect their revenues, it also affects their wildlife.

"The cooler temperatures is going to slow down plant growth. It also does affect our reptiles which are cold-blooded. Womack added."We're not able to bring them outside. The cold weather will prevent us from not having as many outdoor exhibits for our guests."

Despite the gloomy weather, the garden still has hope that people from around the state will visit before their spring breaks come to an end.