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Light rains in the area causes power outages on Corpus Christi's West Side

AEP says its ready for summer heat
Posted at 11:53 AM, Apr 15, 2022

Power outages are being reported in Corpus Christi's West Side.

Approximately 5,600 outages have been reported, said AEP-Texas spokesman Omar Lopez.

The outages are concentrated on the West Side, with the most popping up along Baldwin Boulevard near Agnes Street, Airport Road and the Molina neighborhood, according to the AEP-Texas outages map.

Lopez said they likely are due to "contamination" on the lines — in other words, dust and dirt which has accumulated on the lines due to the lack of rain. Now that a mist or even sprinkles are falling, he said, it's causing mud to form that is weighing down the lines and causing "arcing," because the amount or moisture isn't enough to wash the lines clean.

The result of the arcing can at times be pole fires and or sparking.

Crews are out repairing the lines, Lopez said, and power is due to be restored at around noon. However, it could take longer in some areas.