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Lake City woman describes near miss with brush fire

Lake City woman describes near miss with brush fire
Posted at 9:56 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 22:56:16-05

LAKE CITY, Texas — The brushfire that destroyed a Lake City home narrowly missed several others.

One of them belongs to a winter Texan named Marcy who spends part of the year in a house that was almost in the fire's path.

She was preparing a late lunch Wednesday when she took a peek out of her front door.

"I looked and everything was on fire," she said gasping.

Marcy and a neighbor who'd called 911 could only watch as the wind-fueled flames spread quickly.

“It was a horror story," she said. "I was just — everything is going to burn out here.”

Dozens of volunteer firefighters were able to keep that from happening, and Marcy's own landscape work may have also played a role in her home being spared.

Last week she cleared away brush from around her home that died during the deep freeze last month.

Until the dead, and now charred, plants in her neighborhood grow back Marcy will have to live in an ashy wasteland.

But she's got her eye on the big picture.

“My house stands," she said. "That’s the most important thing to me.”