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Knowing the risks of traveling to Mexico

Posted at 6:41 PM, Mar 07, 2023

What happened March 3 in the border city of Matamoros, Mexicoraised concerns for U.S citizens, former Mexican nationalists and those who live in the country.

Migdalia Leal lives in another border city, Reynosa, and said what she's seen on a daily basis.

"There was a time of uncertainty for women, as well. You can say that in the city there has been a lot of uncertainty. It is rare to see women driving at night," Leal said. "I usually try to stay home before night because of the same thing. I also try to be attentive all the time because you still feel fear despite police presence."

Leal works with a security office in Reynosa and knows first hand what items attract attention from others. She shared a few tips to those who plan to travel.

"I do not recommend that people bring U.S dollar bills. If they are going to Mexico, they should come with currency that's already been exchanged. I also recommend that people do not bring any kind of purses that can catch the attention of people," Leal said.

It's not just tourists who are now wary to travel. Some former Mexican nationalists have stopped visiting Mexico altogether, like Jose Rodriguez who had family there.

"Because one thing is that it is very difficult in Mexico. There is a lot of violence and it is not safe right now for people to be there," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez told us he won't travel to Mexico anytime soon. He recommended for those who choose to travel to go with somebody they know and who knows the country. he also recommended to travel by plane and not by car.