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Julian's BBQ keeping busy, now that they've restocked on wood for their pit

Julian's BBQ
Posted at 5:58 AM, Mar 12, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The enchanting smell of good BBQ in the making attracts all types of people to Julian's BBQ.

“Its consistent, it's never a miss," says customer, Albert Samora. "It's always hit, hit, hit.”

“Its finger-licking good, I won't lick my fingers now, they’re a little dirty,” says Mark Large.

At the restaurant, brisket is down a little differently. Owner, Julian Zapata says he believes he is one of the few cooking it central Texas-style.

“One of the few that started cooking with oak, we use live oak and post oak, so we use a combination of those two,” says Zapata.

After midnight, the doors at Julian's are closed, but all the action is happening in the back.

“We arrange all the briskets throughout the night we’re checking them every so often and then at a certain time once they get a certain color, we’ll wrap them in butcher paper,” says Zapata.

All this work goes into making sure the Texas brisket is nice and juicy, but only a few weeks ago, business had to come to a halt when freezing temperatures rolled into the Coastal Bend.

“Later down the week we ran out of firewood,” he said.

“Our supplier ran out and he had to go out and cut, but he couldn’t go out and cut, so he got behind,” said Zapata.

Fast forward to this week and at Julian's, it's like the freeze never happened.

“The weather has been nice so we’ve busy,” said Zapata.

Julian's BBQ is open from 11 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. When business is goof, employees say they close if they sell out.

Some other items on Julian's BBQ includes, chopped beef, pulled pork and chicken. Click here for a look at Julian's BBQ full menu.