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John Henry Ramirez executed Wednesday for murdering Pablo Castro

John Henry Ramirez
Posted at 7:59 AM, Oct 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-05 22:48:13-04

UPDATE (6:58 P.M.):

KRIS 6 New's Taylor Alanis confirmed John Henry Ramirez was executed by lethal injection and was pronounced dead at 6:41 p.m.

The injection was administered to Ramirez at 6:27 p.m.

Taylor Alanis reported that Ramirez did share some final words before he was injected.

He told Pablo Castro's family that he was sorry, and that he hoped his death would bring them some peace.

Ramirez also told his own family that he fought the good fight, thanked them and said that he loved them.

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A family that's been waiting for justice for almost 20 years, and in just over 12 hours, they'll finally see that justice in the form of an execution.

This evening John Henry Ramirez is set to be put to death by lethal injection after being convicted of the 2004 murder of Corpus Christi convenience store clerk Pablo Castro.

Among those witnessing Ramirez's execution in a Huntsville death chamber include both families and KRIS 6 Anchor Taylor Alanis.

"I'm praying for everybody in this whole process, for peace, for encouragement, and comfort for whatever that looks like," said Dana Moore, John Henry Ramirez's Pastor.

"I think it's important for people to know that John's faith conversion is genuine, as much as I can tell for anyone," said Dana Moore, John Henry Ramirez's Pastor.

On Wednesday at 6:01 p.m., Ramirez will be given a lethal injection while Pastor Moore will have his hand on Ramirez's chest.

"I'm prayerful for John, for peace for him there in that moment. But I'm also going to remember everybody that John is going to have witnesses in his room," said Dana Moore, John Henry Ramirez's Pastor.

A moment perhaps some people might believe is more peaceful than the last moments of a beloved store clerk as he lay dying in a parking lot next to the Time's Market on Baldwin Blvd. on July 19, 2004.

"Pablo Castro was attacked by John Henry Ramirez with a knife. Stabbed 29 times," said Mark Skurka, Former Prosecutor in the case.

Ramirez and two other women robbed Castro for $1.25. Ramirez spent four years hiding in Mexico but was caught in 2008 in Brownsville, Texas.

A jury sentenced Ramirez to death, but his execution date has been pushed back three times since then.

Pablo Castro's children, some traveling out of state to witness Ramirez put to death, lost some sense of closure as the dates passed them by while the man convicted of their father's murder continued to live.

"I don't want to think about this anymore," said Fernando Castro, Pablo Castro's son.

Fearing another delay, Castro's son Fernando didn't want to talk to KRIS 6 this time. Still, his frustration was evident during our interview with him in September 2021.

"He's had a power over me for such a long time, and I don't like to admit that, but he has, and I want it over with," said Fernando Castro, Pablo Castro's son.

Texas faith leaders and activists rallied at the Texas State Capitol on Tuesday to protest the pending execution of John Henry Ramirez.

The only person that could save Ramirez at this point would be Governor Greg Abbott.