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"It was just so shocking it was like out of a movie.'

Posted at 11:28 PM, Jan 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-25 00:31:24-05

Clean-up efforts in Houston have begun following a massive warehouse explosion on the northwest side of the city early Friday.

The blast jolted lots of nearby residents.

"It was a 'boom.' It was a 'boom,' but I mean it was just so shocking it was like out of a movie,' " said resident Kim Laake.

The blast happened about 4:20 this morning a.m. at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing.

Authorities say two people -- employees at the plant -- were killed by the blast.

They have been identified as Frank Flores and Gerardo Castorena.

The explosion also caused significant damage to hundreds of nearby homes.

A local American Red Cross volunteer here in Corpus Christi who specializes in crisis counciling is up in Houston.

"There were a couple of fatalities up there," said the Red Cross' Alex Garcia. "So to sit with those families. And then all those other families that lost everything -- their belongings because of devastation. So training process. And many of those experts will sit with those families and see what we can do for them as well."

Local, state and federal agencies are working together to determine what caused the explosion.