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Gyms and their members prepare for new patrons in new year

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Posted at 2:29 PM, Jan 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-02 23:20:01-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It's a new year, which means more people will head to the gym to get healthy as part of their New Year’s resolutions. With an influx of new patrons, local gyms will have to make sure their COVID-19 protocols can still keep everyone safe inside their facilities.

“We feel pretty confident that we have adequate measures that are in place to handle the influx of people. Nobody wants another shutdown, so we’re trying to do our due diligence to do what we can do to keep it safe,” said Lisa Gorsline, the President and General Manager at Corpus Christi Athletic Club.

At the Corpus Christi Athletic Club, members are required to wear masks when entering and moving about the facility, they are asked to spray down equipment before and after using, and certain machines are blocked off so members can maintain social distancing while still working out.

Ted Leal has been a member of the Corpus Christi Athletic Club for three years, and was one of the first people to return to the gym after it reopened this year.

“We always have our spray bottles, we spray down everything before we use it. We feel very safe here; it’s clean, it’s open,” he said.

Jennifer Valadez has used the facility for ten years, she feels safe working out because of all the safety precautions taken at the facility.

“The staff, I can’t emphasize how awesome they’ve been during this whole process.”

Gorsline said the gym has seen an increase in patrons recently, and expects more in the coming weeks as more people start working on their New Year’s resolutions. She said the staff at the gym will continue to work to keep everyone safe and healthy.

“We look at our attendance weekly, and adjust our hours, classes, and staff, so we can take care and service all our members in a safe manner,” she said.

Due to safety precautions and the work of the staff, Leal feels comfortable continuing to work out at the Corpus Christi Athletic Club, even as more people join.

“Even with a little more population, I think we’re still pretty safe. I do feel very comfortable here,” he said.

Valadez recommends joining the gym to get in shape and have a healthy 2021.

“I would definitely encourage everyone to start the new year off, get healthy this year, and stay strong,” she said.