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Two new RV parks planned for Flour Bluff

Posted at 4:58 PM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-13 18:14:47-04

Editor's note: A previous story about this land was removed from because of inaccurate information. This story corrects that inaccuracy, and provides new context and clarification learned after our initial reporting.

A developer has plans for two RV parks in Flour Bluff.

Rezoning for one of the RV parks was approved last month, and the second was set to be considered by the Corpus Christi City Council on Tuesday.

Developer Spencer Fillmore tells KRIS 6 News that the property re-zoned last month has some restrictions on it, but those restrictions were set by the seller, not the state of Texas.

For instance, in the area where he intends to build a state-of-the-art RV park, all public areas must be dug down 3 ft., have a liner installed, and new soil added, he said.

That 21.3 acres was historically used for oil and natural gas exploration, production and processing applications, according to a Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) document.

That document includes the history of remediation at that property and the finding of the RRC that no further action is required at that site.

Fillmore says there are some restrictions for different sections of the 153 acres of the former Exxon property. Adding that none of the property can have development such as apartments or homes. But, the deed does allow for an RV park.

“The vast majority is available for development,” he said.

Exxon had owned that specific property off Graham Road since the 1930s and completed the close out process with the Texas Railroad Commission.

Fillmore says over the years Exxon has removed soil from the property and conducted extensive testing.

As for the new property being considered by the city council, it is separate from the Exxon property.

A phase two inspection has been completed on that four-acre property and that land has passed all environmental inspections, Fillmore said.