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For the love of brisket! Locals can't get enough of it

Chew Chew BBQ does it differently than others
Chew Chew BBQ
Posted at 5:54 AM, Jan 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-01 13:42:13-05

ROCKPORT, Texas — It's the start of a new year and if you're celebrating in Texas, brisket is more than likely on the menu.

Rockport residents share what they think about this cut of meat.

“We all love brisket here in Texas,” said Louise Gonzales. "If it's cooked right, smoked right, it's good.”

“I mean brisket is Texas,” said Helen Hough.

For the love of brisket, Texans can eat it all year long. And whether it's consumed in the comfort of your home or at a barbecue spot, brisket is enjoyed by many.

“Yeah we make it at home, every place up and down the coast sells brisket, it’s just Texas meat. It’s just good stuff,” said Rockport resident Lightnin.

An experienced flavor master like Louise Gonzales knows brisket can be cooked the wrong way.

“Yeah you can dry it out and that’s not good," she said.

In Rockport, a small shack, Chew Chew BBQ known for its premium barbecue has its regular customers and those who just swing by.

“I've been wanting to try them and then he moved after the hurricane, so when I finally found out where he was at, I decided to come try him out,” said Chew Chew BBQ customer, Robert Vana.

A Texas favorite, there are a number of recipes for brisket, but some just do it differently than others. Adrian Gutierrez, owner of Chew Chew BBQ cooks, his brisket throughout the night making sure the pit stays the same temperature by adding wood to the fire when necessary.

"I do mine in a pan and I (use an) pan cooking pan and I put it on the grill because I don’t like to see a brisket dripping in inside of the pit,” he says.

Making a great brisket takes time. Gutierrez says he went through various trials and errors with many briskets but after 10 years of experience, it is still a wonder to him how people can't get enough of the delicious meat.

“I have no idea why we love brisket so much," he said. "But it is a good cut of meat."

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