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Falfurias responds to Title 42 set to end

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Posted at 6:30 PM, May 03, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-04 07:38:49-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With Title 42 set to end in one week, the Southern Border lies in an area of confusion with the rapidly shifting policies surrounding the immigration system.

Luz Castro, a Falfurias resident, said she and her family migrated to this country when she was very young which is why she relates to many of the immigrants now waiting on the border for Title 42 to be lifted.

The Trump administration essentially used Title 42 to overrule the law that would allow people to ask for asylum after entering the United States illegally. This meant that the migrants would be sent back across the border because taking them into custody would create a public health risk during the pandemic.

“Being an immigrant myself, I'm here now legally but you know going through this process and doing all this stuff, I can understand a lot of people," Castro said.

In Brooks County they have already begun to see an uptick in immigration activity.

Eric Ramos, the Brooks County Judge, says as a county, they are making sure they have the resources and personnel needed as they begin the process of not only stopping illegal immigration but also saving lives.

“Making sure we have the personnel necessary for the up-taking activities meaning deputies on the road and available," Ramos said. "We do have some help with operation Loan Star which has been beneficial with respect to this activity."

Ramos says there is a level of frustration across the elected officials in the local areas because there seems to be a lot of talk but no movement toward fixing the issue.

Eduardo Canales is the director of the South Texas human rights center in Falfurias.

Canales says he advocates for the safety of these immigrants because of the dangers some face while attempting to cross the border.

“Recognize the fact that people are forced to come through, you can give them water you can give them food but that is the basic act in a compassionate way, because people are trying to survive.” Canales said.

Canales makes sure immigrants have essentials like water and information when they get to the checkpoint in Falfurias.

“ I think that there is a lot of people that has been suffering and that have been waiting, I actually am someone who has had to go through the process of immigration,” Castro said.

Many now wait eagerly to see if Title 42 will be lifted.

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