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Department of Public Safety will increase traffic enforcement through the Thanksgiving holiday

Posted at 7:40 AM, Nov 24, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Texas Department of Public Safety says it takes part in the nationwide crash awareness and reduction effort also known as Operation Care during the Thanksgiving holiday.

DPS troopers will be looking for people not wearing seat belts, driving drunk, speeding and failing to follow the move over, slow down law among other traffic violations like talking on your cell phone or texting while driving.

If you plan to drive out of town, Sergeant Brandley says there are ways to ensure a safe trip.

"Just check your tires, make sure the air pressure is correct and also put some snacks, some water, extra warm clothes, and blankets in the car just to have them in case you get stalled out," said Sergeant Brandley.

DPS is asking drivers to report any road hazards or anything suspicious and slow down and pay attention to the road if they come across a crash.

CCPD says it will focus on different sites throughout the city including, La Palmera Mall, Moore Plaza, and areas around Saratoga.

Sergeant Brandley says with the holidays here in the Coastal Bend, there will also be a lot of town visitors, increasing the need for these patrols.

DPS troopers mostly focus in the construction zone on 77 between Driscoll and Bishop.

"If its a construction zone area we will be down in those areas to stop people from speeding and going higher speeds than what the construction zone speed limit is set for," said Brandley.