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Dealing with inflation, how do you stay healthy on a budget?

9Rounds Kickboxing
Posted at 9:30 PM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-30 00:07:22-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Staying healthy on a budget.

That can seem like quite the challenge these days when you couple the pandemic with inflation. Or if you are a member of Gold's Gym in Corpus Christi. The gym will be closing in October, leaving members to make some adjustments.

But there are ways to break a sweat and stay healthy without putting your wallet through a workout.

Since the pandemic forced closures, we saw many turn to the at home workouts. People were buying more home gym equipment. It’s cost effective.

Dietitian Shelby Pena said she’s still seeing that trend. She even encourages her clients to take advantage of the bayfront to get moving.

“There’s no fear of judgment, you can do it at your own pace, you can follow along with videos ," said Pena, community register dietitian at Coastal Bend Food Bank "Or even sometimes as they’re watching TV, get a step bench and doing some movement.”

But not all gyms are in trouble.

Ramiro Gurrero’s 9rounds Gym is seeing more enrollment. It's a niche kickboxing gym located off of South Staples Street near Yorktown Boulevard.

“That fear of Covid is kind of fading away," Guerrero said. "Of course you can’t really run from it, but we’re starting to get more people coming here. Of course, that Covid time kind of hit them...So, everybody is trying to get back into that active lifestyle."

Membership for Guerrero’s gym is about $79 a month with a few options. He said he’s mindful of inflation but thinks his gym stacks up to others in the city.

“Other classes that have that one-on-one training, of course, a personal trainer is going to cost you $100 just for a session. We kind of charge that monthly,” he said. "I believe we do have a decent price, especially with inflation going on. We're going to try to keep it low, but of course, (we) have to keep up with the economy as well."

Pena said physical activity goes hand-in-hand with nutrition. If money is tight she’s got some tips. Coupons can be your best friend. Look at what’s in season by using the USDA website. Meal plan, but stay away from the non-essentials.

“Sit down with your family," she said. "What’s going to be best for my family and I. Breakfast, lunch and dinner or for two meals a day, if my kiddos are in school. And then creating grocery lists based on that.”

If you are in need of some food assistance, Pena said the food bank doesn’t turn anyone away.

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