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De la Fuente pivots campaign strategy for run against Cloud

Posted at 7:01 PM, Apr 16, 2020

So far the 2020 election is happening as planned and the Democratic Party nominee in the 27th Congressional District is kicking off his campaign toward November.

California resident Ricardo de la Fuente won the nomination in March, despite not campaigning locally in person.

De la Fuente, who also was running for congress in California, has now hired a local campaign manager, but said the current crisis changes his campaign strategy.

"We’re just trying to be digital," he said. "But I’m an old-school type of guy. I like to go door-to-door, I like handshakes, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be doing that this year. I guess we have to adapt to the current crisis.

De la Fuente has donated $300,0000 to his own campaign to get it up-and-running, and said he still hopes to establish residence in the district before election day.