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City of Kingsville offering a free spay and neuter program to residents

Two residents say stray dogs can be vicious at their apartment complex
Posted at 4:07 PM, Mar 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-16 22:26:25-04

Late last fall, the city of Kingsville partnered with People Assisting Animal Control (PAAC) to offer free spay and neuter services.

Last week, they entered phase 4 of the available service. Each phase targets a different area of the city with certain streets that qualify. Phase 1 had 28 surgeries, Phase 2 had 84 and Phase 3 is still being counted.

One Kingsville local found his love taking in and caring for stray animals. His most recent is his Great Dane, Scar.

"I've been rescuing Danes and mastiffs for a long time and Danes in themselves are very playful puppies. He is very, very playful," Cody Rowell said.

He told Kris 6 News that he has seen a lot of stray animals on his street and does his best to help them. He feeds them if they look malnourished and will sometimes take them in and give them the right medication to get back on their feet.

The city of Kingsville are also stepping in to help out a bit more. Kingsville Animal Control and Care Center are working with PAAC to offer the free free spay and neuter program for stray animals and those with homes in certain streets in the area.

The program could save animal lovers like Rowell a lot of money.

"The money that I would save that I wouldn't have to spend on spay and neuter would go towards more dog food, maybe helping another dog and getting medications," Rowell said.

The free program won't just help pet owners save money. It will also reduce the population of stray animals and the many problems that can come with that.

"I think it would be beneficial so that way people can number the animals they have," Kingsville native Joe Martinez said. "A lot of them want them don't want them to go out and reproduce and end up with more than what they want."

PAAC provides free rabies vaccines and flea prevention services when customers schedule their appointments.

The service is offered on Rageland, Doddridge, Fordyce, Lott, King, Warren, Johnston, Huisache and Kennedy streets, but the city of Kingsville plans to add more. Those interested can call (361)248-2009 to schedule an appointment or go to 5804 Ayers Street.