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City of Corpus Christi job fair hopes to fill job vacancies

Posted at 5:36 PM, Apr 05, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Are you looking for a job? The City of Corpus Christi has openings for those searching.

On Tuesday, they held a job fair for 300 positions at the American Bank Center, conducting on the spot job interviews from their various departments and agencies including the Corpus Christi Police Department, public works department and solid waste services.

“As of now, I’m planning on moving within the month,” Edwin Nunez, an applicant who attended the job fair, said.

Nunez is a job applicant that is moving to Corpus Christi from San Antonio because he wants to be closer to his girlfriend. He said the job fair was a good way to find out what the City of Corpus Christi has to offer.

However, one department is lacking workers, according to the City of Corpus Christi’s city manager Peter Zanoni.

He said due to a lack of workers in the public works department, there is a backlog of certain street projects.

The public works department is still working on some projects from last year. Zanoni said about 15 percent of the street projects for this year has been completed.

Deputy director of the public works department Sarah Munoz said this job fair was an opportunity to help the city overall.

“We’re always looking for specialized and motivated workers, so it provides a great impact, not just to the public works department, but to the City of Corpus Christi and the projects that we’re able to produce,” Munoz said.

The Corpus Christi Police Department was also at the job fair. Their senior officer and recruiter Imelda Rjasko said while they aren’t lacking police officers, they are still looking for about 50.

“We can have more officers on the street, the more protection and the more officers we have is always a benefit to all of. Not always just for the department, but for the entire community,” Rjasko said.

Some applicants, like Alex Rodriguez, came to the job fair not knowing what to expect. He said he has a college degree and said he’s finding it hard to find a job that includes a good work-life balance.

He said the job fair was a way to connect with employers immediately.

“I have met a lot of people who are in charge of a lot of departments down here and connected with them in a very real way I wouldn’t have if I had just submitted the application online,” Rodriguez said.

If you're looking for a job with the City of Corpus Christi, you can apply here.