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City exploring water-supply alternatives, including desalination

Posted at 7:25 PM, Sep 29, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Although desalination has been at the forefront the City of Corpus Christi's emergency water-supply discussion, four other options were presented during Tuesday's city council meeting.

Mayor Joe McComb said that, while the city is not in a rush, now is the time to make plans for contingency plans.

"What we want is an uninterrupted water supply," he said.

Out of the 10 companies that gave presentations, two represented groundwater supply options; two were wastewater reuse; and six were for desalination plant.

Each company had a list of topics to include, which involved cost estimates, turnaround time, and estimates on meeting the city's existing water quality.

"Groundwater had some really good options, wastewater reuse had some options, there, where we provided wastewater reuse to industry, and it freed up potable water for us as citizens," said District 5 councilman Gil Hernandez.

Many questions surrounding the proposed project still exist, such funding and operation.

"We're going to continue on the path that we're on for design, build, operate-type system," Hernandez said. "Where we take on all the risk as a city -- we borrow the money -- and we go forward in that direction."

McComb said the city still has to get permits and acquire land for any plan, and although there is no decision yet, he said council is on the right track.

No date has been set for a next meeting about water supply options.

Tuesday's full City Council meeting can be seen here.