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CCPD in need of 911 dispatchers

Posted at 12:33 PM, Feb 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-20 13:01:02-05

If you can remain cool under pressure and want to help people, then the Corpus Christi Police Department (CCPD) needs your help.

The CCPD is looking for twenty 911 Metrocom dispatchers to help answer the 2,000 calls they receive a day. The dispatchers are the answering point throughout Nueces County, with the exceptions of Robstown and Port Aransas. They respond for police, EMS, and fire.

Deputy Chief of Police Christopher White told KRIS 6 News that the job is stressful and entails long hours, but passion makes all the difference.

"If you can type a little bit, if you can get that thirty words a minute, you’ll be okay on the floor. Those who get through it, if you go talk to them they love their job. They love being the first voice a person hears when they need emergency services," White said.

Right now, Metrocom has 43 dispatchers but they are looking to be fully staffed. They told KRIS 6 News that the turnaround is a national issue.

"Because of the stress of the job, because of the hours, people can come in and decide I can't do this. I don't want to do it. It's stressful and it's difficult and not everybody can handle it. Not everyone wants to," Metrocom Supervisor Candace Martinez said.

Martinez started working at Metrocom 21 years ago.

"I was young and I needed a job and they were hiring. But when they get here and realize they have this amazing ability they stay because they see we have a need for it," she said.

She told us that others, like her boss, have been there longer and stay because they love helping their community.

The starting pay is $19.63 and you get paid for on the job training. You must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED to apply.

Deputy Chief White is looking for people who are customer service-oriented who can multitask, problem-solve, communicate and be empathetic or assertive, as needed.

If this sounds like you, visit to apply.