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CCISD makes changes to their bilingual program

Posted at 6:07 PM, Mar 02, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-02 19:07:55-05

On Wednesday, Corpus Christi Independent School District (CCISD) sent a letter to parents regarding a change to their bilingual program. CCISD studied different bilingual programs in the state to model theirs for the next school year. Students will not be required to change schools but will have the option along with transportation.

"The offset would be that we would have to have a bilingual teacher in every classroom. So we attended job fairs and even with those opportunities that we have to seek out bilingual teachers we were still short 89 teachers. Give this opportunity a chance. We want all of our families to be successful in an environment that's conducive to learning," Office of Special Programs Director Zonia Lopez said.

Although the program is designed to better support students, not everyone is on board with the idea.

One concern is that schools that host the program may not have enough space for the new wave of incoming students. President of the CC American federation of teachers Nancy Vera told us another concern was that if teachers do not let the district know which school they want to be transferred to, they might have to resign and reapply for their position.

The change may require some certified bilingual teachers to relocate to other schools in the district that have the program. Vera tells us that the implementation of the program does not take families into consideration.

"They're doing this without regard for what parents think and what the parents want. CCISD has been very secretive about it. When we don't take that into consideration, when we make decisions based off money instead of children, we're making an error. Is the trauma necessary for the child? Do you think they're going to feel safe going to a new school setting," Vera said.

CCISD told us the new program is the best alternative to the teacher shortage. Job postings are always available and CCISD encourages all teachers and bilingual teachers to apply.

Schools that will have the bilingual program are the following:
Allen, Berlanga, Calk-Wilson, Cullen Place, Dawson, ECDC, Galvan, Gibson, Hicks, Los Encinos, Metro E, Mireles, Moore, Oak Park, Shaw, Smith, Windsor Park, and Zavala.

CCISD said that families who are eligible for the new program will receive more information before Friday, March 3. If you have any questions contact the students home campus or email CCISD