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Downtown eatery Fresco closing its doors due to inflation

Local eatery closing its doors
Posted at 4:25 PM, Aug 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-19 18:29:48-04

Fresco has been a popular spot in Downtown Corpus Christi for the past three years. A recent Facebook story post stated things are about to change.

Downtown Corpus Christi has seen a revitalization over the last several years and it's brought a lot of businesses to the area

One such business is Fresco, who are now going to be closing their doors.

"All you can do is just try. And we tried our absolute hardest, for as long as we possibly could," Oneida Cantu, one of the owners of Fresco said about trying to keep the business open.

Tony Maldonado and Oneida Cantu are very familiar with the food industry.

Oneida got her start as a young girl working at her parents fish market, while Tony has worked in several restaurants over the years.

But in 2018, the couple took their love for food to the next level and opened Fresco. However, with COVID-19 and now inflation, continuing their dream just wasn't a reality.

"Right before COVID we were getting super busy, Tony Cantu said. "We were going to have events and it was like that spring break and I remember we felt like this was going to be it."

The Cantu's bought a food truck, which got them through the pandemic. But with inflation and rising prices on just about everything, staying afloat is no longer possible.

"It jumped from 15 to almost 100 and it continued rising till it almost hit like a hundred and a half for a case of limes," Tony Cantu said.

A local favorite is their Chicken Tenga, which consists of slow cooked chicken and a variety of chilies. But inflation is impacting the cost of everything.

"That went up from $1.65 in the beginning of the year to now we're paying $3.00 a pound for just chicken breasts," Oneida said. "And chicken thighs are $2.65, when initially they were a $1.30."

With their lease coming up, they felt it was time to serve up their final dish.

"Even if it was for a small time we had a little bit of an impact in our community," Oneida said.

The Cantu's said the last day of operation is set for Sept. 2, which coincides with the September Art Walk.

Be sure to visit Fresco, located at 619 N Chaparral Street, one last time before their doors are closed for good.