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Burn Pits 360 organizers nominated for Medal of Freedom for second time

State Congressman Joaquin Castro recommended them for their work to pass the PACT Act
Posted at 6:04 PM, Jan 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-31 19:04:23-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For the second straight year Rosie and LeRoy Torres of Burn Pits 360 have been nominated for a Medal of Freedom award for their work to pass the PACT Act which provides health care to veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during their military service.

This year, Congressman for the 20th District of Texas, Joaquin Castro, was the one who placed his recommendation.

Founded about 13 years ago by Torres and his wife, Burn Pits 360 has been helping to connect veterans exposed to burn pits with healthcare services.

Torres has health issues linked to being exposed to burn pits when he fought in Iraq from 2007-08.

His oxygen concentrator helps him breathe because he has a toxic brain injury that doesn’t allow the proper amount of oxygen to be pumped to his brain.

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