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Beeville yards littered with signs of trouble

The city has started adding signs to properties not in compliance with city code enforcement laws
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Posted at 5:09 PM, Aug 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-12 20:46:43-04

BEEVILLE, Texas — The City of Beeville is changing the way it enforces property maintenance violations. In addition to the typical letter in the mail, city code enforcement officers will also be putting yellow yard signs on properties in violation.

Assistant city manager John Chen hopes the addition of signage will quicken the process of residents complying.

“(Mail) takes a lot longer, and because the grass is already tall, by the time the resident gets the mail, the grass is going to be longer, and the allotted time to correct the problem is going to be pushed back,” he said.

The yellow signs notify residents if the issue pertains to high weeds/grass, shrubs, trash/litter, or junk vehicles.

“We are looking for voluntary compliance, but if we don’t see that, we put the sign up to remind them they need to take care of the problem,” Chen said.

Once the sign is posted, the residents have 10 days to fix the issue, before city crews return.

Chen said it will not necessarily result in a fine if the issue is not fixed, but city officials will work with the resident to figure out how the issue can be resolved.

“We have a number of properties that have this problem, so we will continue to do what we need to do to get this problem resolved,” he said.

Maggie Borras is a lifetime resident of Beeville. She hopes the signs will encourage residents to improve the look of their properties.

“People need to get their residences looking nice. It will make a good improvement for the city, for the community,” she said.

Chen said there have already been some signs that were put out earlier this week that have already been taken down because the residents fixed the issues.