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Assistant principal and artist collaborate to create a mural at elementary school

Posted at 5:20 AM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 06:37:36-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS — The mural is called celebrating our differences which features cultural icons such as Kobe Bryant, Jackie Chan and others designed by Kimberley Ellis and Daniel De Leon. They say the mural is a representation of diversity and cultures at Faye Webb Elementary School.

The mural took a total of 16 hours and was done during intercession. Assistant Principal Kimberly Ellis collaborated with Artist Daniel De Leon in an effort to showcase the melting pot of cultures within the school in a mural that would relate to the students.

"It's very humbling experience to see the kids actually react to it in a way that's like oh I love that and not just a picture on the wall but that it's art,” said artist Daniel De Leon.

For Ellis and De Leon, the greatest reward is seeing the students gravitate towards the portrait they identify with the most whether its Mexican painter Frida Kahlo or Marlee Matlin who is an advocate for hearing impaired people.

"It's so rich in culture here and we want to highlight those experiences and ultimately like the wall says, celebrate our differences,” said Assistant Principal Kimberly Ellis.

Ellis says their goal at Faye Webb goes beyond making sure the students feel a sense of belonging. "But to make sure they know that we see them, hear them, their cultures their cultural experiences and backgrounds matter to us,” said Ellis.

For 4th grader Jaden and 5TH grader Brooklyn, the mural gives them someone to look up to and teaches them the meaning of celebrating our differences.

"It means I should love and support the different cultures and diversity,” said 4th grader Jaden Collier.

"It shows that you need to encourage people that come from different cultures and backgrounds than you,” said 5th Grader Brooklyn Wall.