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Aransas Pass fire Marshal uses new placards to identify vacant buildings

Posted at 6:39 AM, Sep 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-09 11:33:22-04

ARANSAS PASS, Texas — Fire Marshals with the City of Aransas Pass are taking proactive steps when it comes to identifying abandoned buildings.

Fire crews are now using placards to mark properties that are deemed hazardous.

“So one thing that we did is that we wanted to at least put some type of notification on the building denying entry of some way to people that aren’t supposed to be on the property,” said Aransas Pass Fire Chief Nathan Kelley.

Chief Kelley says emergency crews have started rolling out and posting new placards on vacant buildings within the city limits.

According to Kelley, many of these vacant properties are a result of the destruction left behind from Hurricane Harvey.

“Harvey destroyed so many houses and people are just left with what was left,” said Kelley.

However, a major challenge for public servants is locating the original owners of these vacant structures. Having these signs posted is another pathway in communicating to property owners on their building is no in compliance with Aransas Pass city ordinances.

“Doors are left open their windows are busted out ceilings are caving in you know something that you may get into but during an emergency such as a fire you wouldn’t be able to get out,” said Kelley.

Fire Chief Nathan Kelley also says these signs will help discourage the homeless population from camping out in these hazardous buildings. These signs can also prevent dangerous situations, like the outbreak of a fire.

“And so we’re trying to reduce that property damage, reduce that threat to life whether it be homeless or the neighbor next door,” said Kelley.

Fire Marshals also say you never know what you can find in some of these vaunt buildings like nails, needles, rodents to even wild animals. It’s advised folks not enter these buildings without checking with the Fire Marshal first.