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A blooming lawn will cost more this season for Coastal Bend gardeners

Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 29, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Soon, yards across the Coastal Bend will be blooming. but first, there’s a few things that need to be done. 

One gardener, Paula Vandagriff has noticed prices increasing at the nursery. 

“This is the time to start weeding and preparing your beds,” Vandagriff said. 

Vandagriff is an experienced gardener. Right now, she’s getting ready for another year of planting.

 “Petunias, vincas and marigolds. Those will reseed in the soil and will come back up. Like a little surprise,” Vandagriff said.

 Vandagriff said that surprise could save her some money in landscaping. 

“That’s a good way to offset inflation, which is a problem this year. Not only in our plants but in fertilizer, the mulch and soil itself,” Vandagriff said.

Joann Vasquez, a local florist and the owner of local nursery Greens and Things told us everything is climbing in price. 

 "Our shipments — the freight has been outrageous and that leads to add more to the plants,” Vasquez said.

Everything will costs more including the pottery at Greens and Things. 

"Some of it is because of the freeze. Nurseries are short," she said. "Or because of (COVID-19) because they had to shut down some of the manufacturing companies."

Vasquez expects tropical plants to increase in price the most. 

She said lawn care is an investment. One way viewers can save money is by planting native plants. They can bring beauty and require less watering to survive, which is great as we face on-going water restrictions.