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5-year-old child dies in a head-on collision

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Posted at 5:49 PM, Jun 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-01 21:22:24-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A 5-year-old boy died from injuries received during a head-on accident Tuesday afternoon.

Corpus Christi Police said a 36-year-old man was driving an SUV down Old Brownsville Road when he crossed over multiple lanes and hit a car head-on that was headed in the opposite direction.

Driving the car was a 38-year-old mother who had her 5-year-old son in the backseat. Police said the boy was in a booster seat and was buckled in.

"It looked like maybe the seat belt had failed," Corpus Christi Police Department Capt. Timothy Frazier said. "From what we understand the child was still buckled and the booster seat had flown out from underneath him."

Captain Frazier said police don't know why the driver crossed the lanes but they are mapping the scene and will look into what the vehicle's black box could tell them.

"There is what we call a black box per se, it's a vehicle download that we'll do," Frazier said. "We'll get a warrant and then we'll pull out the speed. There's a whole bunch of different variables or stats that we can draw from the vehicle to let us know how fast it was going and if they were seat belted, all sorts of information that we get from both vehicles."

Frazier said the department is looking into charges against the driver of the SUV because the child died. Frazier also said the man did not appear to have severe injuries.

The mother of the deceased boy received life-threatening injuries, Frazier said.

Old Brownsville Road to Airport Road was shut down for hours while police investigated.

All of the people involved in the crash are from Corpus Christi.