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CCPD clears up confusion on Carroll Lane bike lanes

Posted at 11:30 AM, May 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-15 19:36:33-04


Something fairly new to Carroll Lane: bike lanes that are connected to the sidewalks. With the addition of the bike lanes, it has tightened the road eliminating parking spaces for cars.

“If you’re on the sidewalk and your car is sticking out you are going to get a ticket,” Carroll Lane resident Perta Consuelo Rodriguez said.

Lieutenant Tim Frazier of the Corpus Christi Police Department has made it clear as well, park in the bike lane get a ticket.

However there has been confusion among residents. They were allowed to park their cars on the asphalt but not the sidewalk, that is a violation of city and state law.

“Nobody should be parking there,” Lt. Frazier said. “Asphalt you are fine concrete you’re not.”

The new bike lanes are forcing residents to park in lawns or double up cars in driveways. Rodriguez has even more vehicles than that.

“We have three cars and a limo so this is full.”

The construction on these bike lanes was completed just a short time ago so it looks as if this situation will be here to stay. For now, CCPD is recommending residents to park in the driveway or legal spots further down the road.