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Doorbell security cameras helping to deter and solve crimes

Posted at 10:04 PM, Apr 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-25 23:17:54-04

Protecting your property is more affordable than ever, thanks to the increasing popularity of video doorbell cameras like Ring and Nest. It allows people to see what’s going on around their homes, even when they’re away.

For the police investigating these thefts and burglaries, the devices are helping them bring justice to the victims.

“We have footage to show this individual. we identify them and there’s no real defense to that because you caught them in the act of the crime,” Corpus Christi police detective Luis Flores explained.

He says the effectiveness of the cameras were apparent during a recent burglary investigation when a family’s footage left no doubt who the suspect was.

Det. Flores said of the burglar, “He was actually a family member. We were able to use that footage to apprehend him and his driver, his partner in the crime.”

Because of the high quality of the video from these doorbell cameras, and the fact that you can record footage and capture still images from them in real time, police say they’ve helped them make quicker arrests in many cases.

“They have it accessible right away. we can get that quickly and use it for the case, instead of waiting a week or so, sometimes, for the footage,” Flores said.

Traditional surveillance cameras are still great tools for police. They often catch crimes at other angles. However, with the affordability of doorbell cameras, police say you should consider buying one to go along with other common-sense security measures, like locking your doors and padlocking any fences or gates.

Det. Flores also explained that many of the doorbell camera systems come with an app to help you and your neighbors talk about suspicious activity caught on video.